Illuminated Women & Children Birthing Center

Who are we

The Illuminated Women & Children Birthing Center is a charitable project run by the Illuminated Women & Children Foundation in Thailand and is a part of H.E.A.L. International Foundation projects range

Our Mission

Our Illuminated Women & Children Foundation aims to support mothers of disadvantaged women groups such as rape victims, prostitute mothers, teenage mothers & of extreme poverty to rather than opt for an abortion to instead have a holistically supported pregnancy & birth for FREE.
In case these women are unable or unwilling to bond with their infants or look after them, then our Foundation will be prepared to attend them as orphans.

We would be initially situated in Koh Samui Thailand and then open branches throughout the country.
The operation will run in parallel with the Illuminating Birth Center which will be subsidizing the Illuminated Women & Children Foundation’s charitable services.

Our Philosophy

The term “Give birth” in both Spanish & Portuguese is “Dar a Luz” which means “Offer to the Light”, “oriented towards the light”, “look onto the light”. Dar does not only mean give or offer but also donate, linking the meaning of offering and donation with both the birth and the Light.

We consider childhood as Illumination itself and by definition all the stages from inception, to conception, pregnancy & birth an undivided whole of a sacred process. It is how illumination impregnates time & space in order to sustain a certain defined range of illuminated energy flowing through the human and animal kingdoms.

The existence of childhood, charges & implants that illuminating energy into the renewal of the human sphere of existence and is essential for the human species survival because space & time erode the inner human consciousness’ potency and degrade its quality. So the constant conception, pregnancy, birth and early childhood keeps renewing the overall energy field we experience with a frequency that vibrates through the human & animal & most likely plant kingdoms.

This is probably going to be the 1st implementation of the Child Visions Global orphanages project based on the following principles

The upbringing of these children will have no resemblance to any institutionalized orphan care. The residential center would attend a small number of children in a family-like manner in a nurturing community setting, addressing & integrating the following 6 approaches:



Through Developmental Psychology/Early childhood Education/ NLP/ Neurochemistry/ Psychobiology/ Psychoneuroimmunology/



Through Clairvoyance/ Telepathy/ Sound healing/ Color therapy/ Reiki/ Flower essences/ Aromatherapy/ Crystal healing/ Pranic healing/ Light therapy/ Shamanic healing/Cetacean frequencies/ Feeling-Listening to animals & plants/Psychometry/



Through Nutrition/ Homeopathy/ Naturopathy/Chinese Medicine/ Osteopathy/Cranio-sacral/ Rolfing/ Floating/ Biofeedback/ Holotropic therapy/ Alexander technique/ Reflexology/ Herbalism/ Hypnotherapy/ Kinesiology/ Massage/



Through Meditation/ Visualization/ Lucid Dreaming/ Yoga/ Pranayama/ Qi Gong/



Through Art/ Drama/ Music/ Singing/ Dance/ Movement/Swimming



Through Languages/ Story telling/ Poetry/ Games/ /Educational tools